/ Manage Users, Groups, and Privileges


Manage Users, Groups, and Privileges


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Before people can log in and use ThoughtSpot, you need to create a username, a password, and a membership in one or more groups for them. Creating groups and assigning users to them makes privilege management easier.

Privileges assigned to a user determine what kinds of actions they are allowed to do. In order to assign a common set of privileges to multiple users, you can create a group and make the users part of the created group. Then assign the privileges at the group level.

There is a default group called All, which includes every user in ThoughtSpot. When you create a new user, they will be added to the All group automatically. You cannot delete the All group or remove members from it.

This section describes manual creation of users, groups, and privileges, but you can also manage users through LDAP or SAML. For information on setting up SAML authentication, see Configure SAML.