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Restore From a Backup


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You can restore from a backup when you want to revert the entire system to a prior state. Doing this will replace the current system with the system from the backup.

When you restore from a backup, you're essentially creating a new cluster and then restoring to it. This allows you to restore to a new appliance or to an appliance with a different number of nodes from the one where you took the backup.

Before you can restore from a backup, you must delete the existing cluster. This operation is not reversible, so take a backup of the latest snaphshot before you delete the cluster. Deleting a cluster is an advanced operation, which requires that you first contact ThoughtSpot Support.

Use this procedure to restore a cluster from a backup. If you're restoring from a dataless backup, you'll need to obtain the correct release tarball and specify it in the restore command.

  1. Log In to the Linux Shell Using SSH.
  2. If your cluster is running, take a snapshot.
  3. Take a backup of the snapshot.
  4. If the machine you'll restore to already has ThoughtSpot installed, you must delete the cluster. This operation is unrecoverable, so you should only do this with the help of ThoughtSpot Support. Contact ThoughtSpot Support if you need to perform this operation.
  5. Install tscli on the machine you'll be restoring to. You can obtain tscli from ThoughtSpot Support.
  6. Locate the backup you want to restore from, and make a note of its location.
  7. You can Mount a NAS File System to make the directory where the backup exists accessible. If you don't want to do this, you can scp the backup directory and its contents to the machine where you want to restore it.
  8. If you're restoring from a lightweight or dataless backup, obtain the release tarball for the release that matches the backup you are restoring from.
  9. Issue the restore command, supplying the release tarball location if you're restoring from a lightweight or dataless backup.
    $ tscli cluster restore [--release <release_tarball>] <backupdir>

    You will see a confirmation when the command completes.

  10. Log out of the machine and then log back in, to set the environment variables.