What ThoughtSpot release am I using?


What ThoughtSpot release am I using?

Show the Release Version Number

You can tell which release of ThoughtSpot you are using by clicking on the ? icon or Help in the navigation bar.



The Help Center will pop up, with the release number is shown on the bottom of the window.


If no number or a long string of numbers are shown, you are working on a pre-release build.

ThoughtSpot Versions

Here are the versions of ThoughtSpot, with their release dates:

Version Released Still in Production?
3.5 November 2016 Yes
3.4 September 2016 Yes
3.3 May 2016 Yes
3.2 April 2016 No
3.1 October 2015 No
3.0 July 2015 No
2.5 June 2015 No
2.4 April 2015 No
2.3 April 2015 No
2.2 February 2015 No
2.1 November 2014 No

If you are running an earlier version, please contact Support for an upgrade.